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Speed Dating & Singles Events - Wien

Singles Events Wien - Fall in love now! Why wait?

Are you looking for nice, new acquaintances, you want to fall in love, or even find the very big love? Do you like to flirt, but has it so far with the blind date over the internet simply not worked?

Search man, search woman! Meet at our Singles Events "Singles Bartour Wien" or at "Speed Dating Wien" in an exciting way, singles. We offer you the easiest, most entertaining, fastest and cheapest way to meet other singles from the region Wien. "Singles Bartour Wien" & "Speed Dating Wien" are different because it is personal. You meet "Face to Face" and decide who you want to see again.

It's Time for Love!

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We recommend to all ladies up to 32 years, to participate in the Singles Bartour or Speed Dating, in the age category 20 to 32 years! At our Singles Events (age 20 to 32 years) approximately 85% of men are older than 25 years and about 50% of men are older than 30 years.